CubeBuild Retail

We take the pain out of your sales, quoting, inventory, warehousing and shipping.  Included is an integrated online store, perfect for small to medium enterprises, from individual consultants, to multi-outlet retail and online stores.

Retail Features

Point of Sale

We provide a fully online pop-up point of sale console.

  • Sell from anywhere, on any device.
  • Invoice customers instantly, via email.
  • Record payments as they are made.
  • Cash-up and cash drawer reconciliation.


Manage products in your warehouse.

  • Manage a warehouse of thousands of items.
  • Place orders with suppliers to replenish your stocks.
  • Stocktake online to recognise stock losses.
  • Print labels and barcodes for your products.


Automatically calculate and charge for shipping.

  • Use industry standard freight calculations.
  • Ship for free to some or all regions.
  • Split shipments between shipping providers using consignments.


Provide quotations to customers.

  • Price jobs specially for your customers.
  • Quote for items that are not (yet) in your product catalog.
  • Manage the cycle from quotation, to ordering, to delivery and invoicing.
  • Tender to multiple suppliers for large orders.

Gift Cards and Loyalty

Build loyalty using gift cards and customers discounts.

  • Sell store credit gift cards, and track your liability.
  • Sell product discount gift cards.
  • Run product promotions, pricing is automatically adjusted.
  • Provide special discounts to special customer, at the time of purchase.


Know your customers, register them in your customer database.

  • Record your customer details in our database.
  • Understand their purchasing history.
  • Review gift cards they have used or purchased.
  • Target your customers via newsletter or email mailouts.


Track your store performance, any time.

  • Understand your profitability, down to individual items.
  • Review how payments are made.
  • Track refunded items, and replacements.

Our Cloud, or Yours

Deployment options make your system secure.

  • In the cloud, secure and always available.
  • Delicated virtual server, your own secure environment.
  • On-site server, keep and protect your data.

Online Store?

Need an online store as well, we can.

  • Your online store designed the way you want.
  • The same inventory as your store and warehouse.
  • Integrate eBay sales using Channel Advisor.
  • Online payments, including PayPal.


Role based security lets you provide access to what is needed.

  • SSL is both supported, and recommended.
  • Sign in using Passwords, or using OpenID.
  • Highly secure password storage.
  • Encrypted backups, stored in the cloud.